Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This magic moment

Took me all day to decide if I liked this photo or not. Decided that I like it a lot. BuzzFeed billed it as The Wizard. I think I would have called it The Visionary. Either way it's a brilliant catch by the photograher. Confirmed to be authentic, as in not photoshopped.

On a related note, I used to mock BuzzFeed. When Ben Smith left Politico to run the place, I sneered along with the rest of the tragically cynical snarksters. But credit where it's due. Their political coverage is more than just decent now.

Ben changed Buzzfeed from a place I rarely bothered with into a site that I click to several times a day. And Zeke Miller has become one of my favorite media tweeps. He's got a good eye for the best buzz and his tweets from on the ground with the Rmoney press corps are unfailingly both informative and amusing.

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