Thursday, August 30, 2012


Are you pleased that last night's Paul Ryan speech was seriously fact-checked by the press? Yeah, me too.

But you know what happens now: The press, in the name of "balance," will feel compelled to go over the major speeches at next week's Democratic convention with an even finer-toothed comb, and will treat any factually debatable points, however trivial or tangential, as major deviations from basic human decency, all in the name of "balance." The press will feel it has to be as tough on Obama and Biden and their main surrogates as it's been on Ryan in the past 24 hours, even if Obama, Biden, et al. say nothing even remotely comparable in terms of dishonesty. And anything the press finds will be brayed about in Romney/Ryan speeches and advertising, and in the right-wing media, for days if not weeks. It'll be what kicks off the fall campaign. But hey, balance above all, right?


ploeg said...

As the Republicans have loudly declared that they do not care what the fact-checkers say, you would have to make a rather convincing case that any of us should care either. I mean, Romney himself said, "Fact-checkers on both sides of the aisle will look in the way they think is most consistent with their own views." If that doesn't clue you in that Romney is full of shit, nothing will.

Batocchio said...

Sadly, you are right, but then, the false equivalency game has been around for a long time.

Meanwhile, as Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out, most of the supposed swing voters didn't/won't read any of that fact-checking.

Victor said...

And FSM monster help us if some delegate accidentally steps on the foot of a female FOX cameraperson.

The 'stepee' will shriek and faint.

When she recovers, she will claim that some 'Democrat' thugs pushed her down, kicked her, and stomped on her foot.

Police will be called in.

The Convention will grind to a halt.

The 'steppers' will be dragged away in cuffs, FOX camera's rolling the entire time.

Assault charges will be filed.

There will be demands for a public apology from Obama and Biden.

They will apologize.

Protests will form the next day in Charlotte, with old white people carrying signs, "Ho' Bama - Downt Tred On Me," and "Won Small Step
4 Demoncratz, One Jiant Leep 4 Fashizm!"

The FOX cameraperson will become a celebrity, "Josephine, the Camerawoman."

"Josephine, the Camerawoman" will discover, thanks to the help of Michelle Malkin's flying troll monkeys, that she's 1/128the part black.

Democrats will be called the real racists and sexists,' and the proof will be their delegates stomping on Josephine.

She will become a hero for Wingnut Welfare, and appear at Romney/Ryan events wearing a cast, in a wheelchair, carrying a small video camera in one hand, waving the flag in the other, with the Bible on her lap, everywhere she goes.

"Josephine, the Cameraman" will run for Congress in 2014.

Following her victory that year, as an accidental sidenote, CNN will finally mention on the air that one of their black female camerapersons had some nuts thrown at her face in Tampa Bay in 2012.

The following day, when asked what happened to her, CNN will say they don't know what she's doing now, since she quit right after Romney/Ryan won in November of 2012 - all thanks to the horrible assault on "Josephine, the Camerawoman," which the Republicans said leading up to the election, dramatically showed the Democrats open racism, sexism, and disdain for the working class.

Tired of begging for contributions, Josephine will quit Congress after 2 terms.

Josephine will be given her own show on CNN/KKK, right between "Double EE - The Erick Erickson Hour," and "On the Down Lo - Dana Loesch Reports."

The CNN cameraperson will lead a quiet life, never telling anyone, including her grandchildren, that if she'd only made a bigger deal of what happened to her, she might have been a celebrity like Josephine, too.
Because she knew she wouldn't have been.
Liberals don't value victimhood anywhere near as much as Conservatives do.

Steve M. said...

Wow -- I really think every bit of that could come true, exactly as you wrote it.

Tbone said...

Another Ryan lie - his playlist starts with ABBA, not AC/DC. He's a dancing queen!