Sunday, August 05, 2012


From Free Republic (click to enlarge):

No, the Freepers in the thread aren't praising the shooters -- they're saying it's stupid to target Sikhs because "in fact they are one of the most lethal forces standing against Islam's barbarism," or they're speculating that the shooters is either the work of Islamists or a "Liberal black ops operation to influence the election." Always so enlightening to go to Free Republic.

(Note: FR posts a rotating series of ads. You may not see the one I'm showing you when you click on the link.)


Victor said...

I wouldn't go to FR on a dare - for fear that every click will cost me a few IQ points, and I don't have too many to spare.

I mean, look at what's happened to the people who go there regularly.

Drooling, paste-booger-and-poop-eating moron, is at least one level beyond what most of them can ever attain again.

Monty said...

Here's a good one:

ABC and Brian Ross are reporting that the shooter was a Tea Party member.

Steve M. said...

That might be awfully close to the truth.

Monty said...

Meanwhile, there's this:

"He is a registered Democrat."

Steve M. said...

Wow -- a Yahoo discussion group. That's an authoritative source.