Friday, August 17, 2012

Third-Party Candidates Provide Opportunity KY Democratic Party Ignores

See, in normal states, extremist reich-wingnuts running as independents in races where the repug had the advantage would have state Democratic officials shouting "Hallelujah!" and pouring money and volunteers and everything else they can find into the Democratic candidate's campaign.

Not in Kentucky.

Scott Wartman at
Graphic anti-abortion television ads with images of aborted fetuses that ran in the Cincinnati market during the Super Bowl will likely return in the fall.

Two anti-abortion activists, David Lewis and Andrew Beacham, filed Tuesday to run as independents for Congress in Kentucky.

Lewis, 27, of Batavia, ran the anti-abortion ads in his candidacy against Speaker of the House John Boehner earlier this year in the Republican Primary. He said he will run the ads again in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky markets now that he filed for Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District against Republican Thomas Massie and Democrat Bill Adkins.

Beacham, 29, of Elkhart, Ind., filed for Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District against Republican incumbent Brett Guthrie, Democratic challenger David Lynn Williams and Libertarian Craig Astor. Beacham gained notoriety for ripping pages out of a Koran in front of the White House.
And from the repug-led Kentucky Democratic Party?


In the Second District, it's hard to blame them. David Lynn Williams is a perennial loser who delights in choosing races where he can cause the maximum damage to Democratic hopes. No one - not even the most rabid anti-Guthrie repug-haters - wants him to win.

But it is certainly the state party's fault that no real Democrat ran against him in the primary.

In the Fourth, however, Bill Adkins is a Real Democrat who is running a pro-Obama campaign. In racist, repug-heavy Northern Kentucky he didn't stand a chance against billionaire-supported teabagger darling Thomas Massie.

Now Lewis' entry into the race gives Adkins a chance. Not a great chance, but a chance.

If only the Kentucky Democratic Party were in the business of electing actual Democratic candidates.

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Victor said...

If some asshole showed those abortion ads during the SB game, one would think there'd be some movement to make sure the guy/gal running them, couldn't get elected to Dog-shit Catcher.

Btw - here in the Socialist Liberal commune known as New York state, all the sports pages and radio and TV sports shows, are "ALL TEBOW - ALL THE TIME!"

I swear, the only thing we don't get updated about him, is his bowel movements.
Maybe that's because he's so Christian, that he doesn't poop, he just leaves Hershey's Kisses lying around the field.

Thankfully, I'm a Giants fan.

Though I do look forward to when some idiot Christian at a Jets game gets carried away when Tebow makes a yard for a 1st down, and tried to "baptize" Fireman Ed with his own beer.
I hope the poor little Jesus-freak had good medical coverage.