Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The New York Times on Chris Christie's upcoming Republican convention speech:
In his keynote address on Tuesday, he is set to assail President Obama's economic record to help drive home the Republican theme of the day, "We Built It." It is a dig at Mr. Obama's recent assertion that businesses do not succeed alone....
And, to this end, what is Mr. Christie likely to talk about?
So when he takes the stage on Tuesday night, his history suggests that he will start, as he did with his questioner last week, with the story of his father, who grew up poor in Newark and, after getting out of the Army, took a job at a Breyers plant, where the man next to him urged him to do something better for himself. He went to Rutgers University at night on the G.I. Bill and became the first person in his family to get a college degree.
(Emphasis added.)

So Chris Christie's dad was in the Army, then got a GI Bill-funded education at Rutgers -- otherwise known as the State University of New Jersey. And Christie will relate this to us as a way of explaining why Barack Obama was wrong when he said that successful people don't make it on their own, and sometimes need government help.


Victor said...

Well, there is at least ONE thing Krispy Kreme DID build - his body - by Mack.

I think he's confused doing crunches during workout's, with Nestle's.

Governor, I think when you say, "I did 200 crunches today," it means what you think it means.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Brain-dead, ritualistic defamation of socialism and Big Government works just fine with the Fox Nation folks.

Sort of like geezers carrying signs that say keep your gummint hands off my Medicare.

Michael Gee said...

Dear Steve: Any reporter or analyst who ripped Anne Romney's speech would've been fired or demoted by any mass media company in the country. She could've called Obama a Muslim and they'd have called her warm and caring. A wife with MS? No fair treating her as a politician even when making a political speech.
She's her husband's human shield.