Monday, August 06, 2012


I'm waiting for the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin to be blamed on Obama from the left. I imagine the argument has already been made and I just haven't come across it: With all these drone attacks on civilians, you can't blame a guy with a 9/11 tattoo who was apparently a white supremacist and couldn't tell Sikhs from Muslims for thinking we should "kill 'em all."

But it's hard for me to imagine a white supremacist getting his news from any source that would regularly tell him about drone strikes -- there's hardly any overseas news in the mainstream media, and, in the news sources the shooter was likely to favor (Fox, talk radio, maybe DIY broadcasts or newsletters or Web sites from fellow supremacists), I think all he'd hear is that the president bows to Muslims all the time and prefers our enemies to our allies, because, after all he's a secret Muslim himself. Yeah, bin Laden's dead -- so they say -- but Obama canceled the bin Laden raid three times, didn't he, at the behest of that commie black woman? So it doesn't really count. And Bush had people waterboarded, so if bin Laden's dead, the Bush administration deserves 100% of the credit.

Back in the Bush years, there was war in the news every day, and if you hated Muslims, you could cheer on the U.S. fighters. You might have had one of those "Terrorist Hunting Permit" stickers on your car or your pickup truck, but you knew the fighting was being done for you. So maybe it's no surprise that we didn't have a mass shooting like yesterday's during the Bush years.

Tell the Muslim-haters that the fight has been abandoned and that the president is in league with "the evildoers" and, well, I suppose it's no surprise that some hater would decide to murder some civilians he thought were of the faith he thought was the embodiment of evil. Bush's war was probably a release valve for haters and crazies. The haters and crazies think the enemy is at the gates (and in the Oval Office). They'd probably be happy to hear about drone strikes and dead civilians. But they don't get that kind of news, and they wouldn't believe it if they heard it -- not when the president is a Democrat, and especially not when he's Barack Obama.


Victor said...

If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I'm doing is moving myself and my family to another country.

Now, I know that every country has it lunatics and maniacs - but not every one allows, almost encourages, their nuts to be as well armed as possible.

Oh, and here's some more lunacy, courtesy of "Balloon Juice:"

The "Russians aren't coming' - they're already here!

Philo Vaihinger said...

"I'm waiting for the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin to be blamed on Obama from the left."

The wait is over. Drudge's giant red headline today is that the feds knew about the guy and did nothing.

Blame that incompetent government with those, er, non-whites at the top.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Sorry. Too early in the morning. It was blamed on Obama from the right. This time.

Philo Vaihinger said...

On the other hand, the right has been whining about drone use in the US for surveillance, along with the civil libertarian left.

When Glenn Greenwald and the militias start chanting the same complaints about the feds . . .