Sunday, August 05, 2012


For years, Republicans have used the notion that Democrats cheat at the polls primarily in two ways: (1) as a rallying cry in the right-wing media, aimed at the base, and (2) as a publicity campaign meant to help pass vote-suppression laws in states where Republicans control the government. But Republicans haven't really tried to mainstream this line of attack -- Karl Rove may have masterminded vote-suppression efforts in the Bush White House, but voting wasn't a subject Bush himself talked about.

This campaign may be different. I told you on Friday that the right was distorting the nature of a pro-Obama challenge to changes in Ohio's early-voting law -- the pro-Obama forces would like to restore the option of voting in Ohio on the weekend before Election Day for everyone, but they're being accused of trying to prevent early voting during that period for members of the military. Well, now we have not just various Romney surrogates but Romney himself, on Facebook, arguing that the Obama campaign is trying to curtail military voting.

Maybe my memory is faulty, but isn't this new? I don't remember Bush personally saying a word about Democratic challenges to military absentee ballots in 2000 -- that was left to surrogates.

I'm just wondering if the plan is to try to turn alleged Democratic voting skulduggery into the Swift Boat story of 2012.

Add this to the outrageous vote-suppression law in Pennsylvania and you begin to wonder whether the Romney camp's current lackluster efforts in electoral-vote-rich swing states (which Michael Tomasky thinks might be a sign of an impending electoral-vote landslide for Obama) might instead be because the Romney campaign and the right-wing noise machine intend to fight in those states primarily on vote-fraud grounds.

The Romney campaign isn't putting much money into Pennsylvania -- but I bet that will change if the Pennsylvania voting law survives a court challenge. And if the law is overturned or limited, I wonder if Team Romney will go mainstream with charges that an Obama victory in Pennsylvania will inevitably be the result of fraud -- a charge that, hell, Team Romney may level regarding pretty much any swing state, both before and after the votes are counted. I wouldn't put it past these guys to challenge the results of the election not merely if the vote margin in a decisive state is tiny, a la Florida 2000, but if there's a 1 or 2 percent gap in two or three or four states. In other words, I could see the Romneyites arguing that millions of votes were fraudulently cast.

This is just a hunch. But it would be in keeping with the Romney campaign's strategy of running in the general election as if swing voters think like wingnuts. (Recall that a 2009 poll showed that a majority of GOP voters thought ACORN stole the 2008 election for Obama.)

I'll leave you with the response in Charles Foster Kane's newsroom to his electoral defeat, from Citizen Kane:


Victor said...

Destroying America is a small price to pay for a Conservative victory in 2012.

They know that this, THIS, IS THE ELECTION!!!

They need to take back the Presidency and both Houses, so that they finish setting their Fascist and Plutocratic changes in concrete, so that they can't be undone for generations.

If Obama wins, and, even if they keep the House, and win the Senate, he can veto the changes that they want and need.

And if Obama wins, and he has the Senate, their chances to make those changes diminish drasically.

And they may not have a better chance than in 2012, to further the damage that they've already done.
They know that the demographics are working against them.

That, and ACA, which, when/if fully implemented in 2014, may help to swing people back towards the Democrats.
Especially when they find out the the only "Death Panels" were the ones that the private health insurance companies had had in place for generaton.

Conservatives will do and try anything and everything to win this years.
After all, a lot of those Plutocratic billionaires aren't getting any younger...

Time is NOT on their side.
And they are like desperate, cornered animals.
And I'm glad so far to see that Obama and Harry Reid aren't taking his lying down.

And that's what's shocking the MSM - Democrats NOT laying down.

More, more, MORE!!!

: smintheus :: said...

I think it's more tactical than strategic. Republicans have settled on the tactic of wrenching bits and bobs of Obama's words and actions completely out of context, misconstruing them outlandishly, and screaming about them in the expectation that the trad media will play up the faux-controversy without saying to clearly that the GOP is lying. So far it has worked reasonably well for them. Many voters are so pig headed that even when they're later told the facts about a fauxtraversy, they dig in their heels and find a way to hold onto their original malign interpretation of the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

>>In other words, I could see the Romneyites arguing that millions of votes were fraudulently cast.<<

And that's going to get them what, exactly? Jack.

They won't have any proof because there's no truth to the proposition.

So let's start practicing our lines:

"Put up or shut up."

"Get over it."

And other classics of the genre.

Mandate? Who the hell needs a "mandate" these days?