Thursday, August 02, 2012


I've mostly been ignoring the little feud between Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin over Cheney's recent assertion that Palin wasn't ready to be vice president. But I noticed this in the response Palin gave to Greta Van Susteren on Fox Newws Tuesday night:
PALIN: ... So he characterized me as being a mistake.

Here's where the mistake would have been, Greta, I believe. It's had I not answered the call -- I was honored to get to run for Vice President of the United States alongside Senator John McCain. I was honored to accept the nomination from the GOP.

And I think that the mistake would have been me just deciding that, Hey, I love my 86, 87 percent approval rating up there in Alaska as the governor, moving and shaking and watching corrupt politicians and businessmen go to prison for crony capitalism, working on 16 to 20 percent of domestic energy supplies being able to be increased via Alaska's resource development, ethics reform legislation that I was working on -- that led to that 86 percent approval rating.

I could have decided, you know, I don't want to be bloodied up. I don't want my family to go through what we will have to go through in order to put ourselves forward in the name of service to this country. But I did it. It would have been a mistake to have hunkered down, just lived that luxurious, if you will, comfortable lifestyle in Alaska.

Instead, we, like so many other people across this country, decided we will do all that we can in order to defend our republic, put America back on the right track. And I believe I did the right thing in accepting that call.
So, if I understand Palin correctly, either it would be be unpatriotic for anyone to turn down an offer to be a major-party running mate (Tom Eagleton? Would it have been unpatriotic for him to say no?) or it would have been unpatriotic for Sarah Palin personally, with her 87 percent approval rating and awesome corruption-fighting skillz, to say no. Either way, it wasn't about her at all. Duty called! Being asked to be a running mate is like being drafted! Or maybe it just is if you're really, really amazing like Sarah Palin!

Right. Got it.


Victor said...

Now that she's popped-up on the national scene, Sarah Palin's like some herpes sore that won't go away.

It's raw, it's ugly, and it hurts - but no matter what you try, it's still out there where everyone can see it.

Sadly, I think this raw, ugly, and painful herpes sore in human form is here to stay.
And the really pathetic thing is that she, and her loyal followers, beliwve that she's not a herpes sore, but a beauty mark.


Steve M. said...

If she were willing to break a sweat, the GOP presidential nomination would be hers for the asking. A little homework, a little fake gravitas, a serious organization, and the crazies would hand her the nomination on a silver platter.

Ten Bears said...

EYup. That and she's just such a "hpttie" that every male knuckle-dragger out there will drool Pavlovianly all the way to the voter's box.

What's the word I'm looking for here, Steve, as you're the wordsmitty here, "bimbo" doesn't quite get it. Air Head? Valley Girl?

Please, make it go away.

Monty said...

I once wasted four minutes watching Bristol's white trash trainwreck of a show. Four minutes that I will never, EVER get back...and further, would haunt me without the analgesic aid provided by swilling brain-damaging amounts of grain alcohol.