Thursday, December 13, 2007


We all talked about this, but I think the New York Post is the only paper in America that's given it a screaming banner headline:

Hmmm ... I thought Rupert Murdoch wanted Hillary Clinton to become president. If that's really the case, why is his paper drawing attention to a truly embarrassing moment by the guy who'd be her weakest challenger among the top-tier candidates?

I think Murdoch wants Hillary in the race because Hillary-hate is very popular with the audience for his media properties. As a fallback, he probably thinks he can wrap her around his finger if she does become president (and he's probably right).

But in the GOP race, I think he'd desperately like to see anyone electable get the nomination -- for the love of God, not Huckabee. As I noted, the Post's coverage of the Rudy-Judi "shag fund" story has been somewhat muted -- though the paper also seems to suck up to Romney occasionally as well. (Check out last Saturday's "'Faithful' Mitt a Hit in Iowa," a story about reaction to Romney's religion speech that really doesn't ring true.) Murdoch wants an establishment Republican to win; failing that, he'll take Hillary, then alternately try to sweet-talk and liberal-bait her into being an establishment Republican.

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