Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm sorry to say that this is a blog post about inside baseball about spin about the horserace in the presidential contest. (Issues? What issues?) For what it's worth, here goes:

Drudge has a "flash" right now titled "DEMS HOLD FIRE ON HUCKABEE; SEE 'EASY KILL' IN GENERAL ELECTION." The Politico has responded with "DNC Denies Drudge Item Came from Them."

Why on earth would anyone think the Democratic National Committee give this story to Drudge? The DNC would have no reason to want Republican voters to shy away from Huckabee -- and that's the only likely outcome of this bit of spin. Even Democrats aren't that stupid (I hope).

I'm not even sure I buy that the Drudge story is from the Romney camp, as the DNC spokeswoman suggests in the Politico article -- I wonder if it's straight from the bowels of the old, established Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, where a lot of people must be terrified at the prospect of a Huckabee candidacy -- the quote from an unnamed "senior Democrat operative" seems classically Murdochian/Drudgian (if this person actually exists, his name probably rhymes with "Hick Boris"), as does the deftly chosen accompanying photo of Bill Clinton standing behind Huckabee and applauding as he speaks. It seems much more old-school than anything Romney's generated in this campaign, so I'm not sure any candidate had anything to do with it.

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