Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Greg Sargent notes today that The Washington Post simply can't stop talking about John Edwards's $400 haircuts -- as Bob Somerby noted yesterday, the haircuts were mentioned three times in yesterday's Post.

I just want to remind readers that Condoleezza Rice was reported a while ago to favor the Watergate Salon for her hair -- which offered the most expensive hair-straightening treatment of nine salons recommended by The Washingtonian in 2005. The cost at that time: $700. (I'm guessing that's the "Japanese 'Liscio' Relaxer" listed here, which is now priced at "700.00 and up.")

Rice, I'm guessing, gets her hair straightened. And her favorite salon during the Bush era ain't cheap.

Think the Post will mention this several times a day if Giuliani or Romney or Huckabee picks her to run as VP?

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