Friday, December 28, 2007

And Unlike Romney, He Doesn't Even Need to Pander

The other day Bulworth posted an excellent summary of Ron Paul's positions (taken verbatim from Paul's own issues pages) showing just how appalling (and, in some cases, bizarre) his political beliefs are. (If you missed it, be sure to go back and read the whole thing.) Apart from the Iraq thing, it turns out, he really does represent today's GOP.

I have just a couple more data points to add. On Sunday's Meet the Press, Paul came out against the Civil War and for 'gradual emancipation'; meanwhile, Kos dug up a 1992 quote in which Paul said "95% of the black males in [DC] are semi-criminal or entirely criminal" (hat tip: Instaputz and Scott Lemieux).

In a saner party at a saner time, either of these would be a candidacy-killer. But the GOP has become a de facto (Southern) regional party, and I have a feeling a lot of Republicans are suddenly giving Paul a serious second look.

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