Wednesday, December 19, 2007


These are the Violets.

They're young, they're cool, they live in Brooklyn, and they've been called "ridiculously entertaining" by The Village Voice. Their founding member (he wears skirts onstage) "chose ... band members of both genders to explore issues of male-female energy."

And they really like Ron Paul.

In fact, they've written a song about him. You can hear it at their MySpace page and watch the video below:

My favorite line? "You're the only one left who's still on the right." It's not addressed to Paul himself. It's addressed to the fools who don't realize that he's so awesomely progressive.

I've said a few times that I worry about a Ron Paul third-party run because I don't trust that antiwar voters will learn the truth about Ron Paul's politics. This is a bit more evidence that I'm not crazy to worry.

Oh, and if you're reading this, Violets, take a look at this assessment of his deeply regressive record in Congress and this report on the racist and extremist views expressed in a newsletter that bore his name. And he may be against a Federal Marriage Amendment, but here's how he puts it:

I'm opposed to a federal ban on gay marriage, but it also goes both ways: I'm against the courts at the federal level pressuring the states into accepting same-sex marriage licenses. What we're talking about in both cases is the redefinition of an ancient social institution by the federal government that's best left to the people to decide at the local level. I have introduced legislation called the We the People Act to remove deeply personal social issues like marriage and abortion from the jurisdiction of the federal courts so the states and local governments can make the decisions, as the Constitution intends.

By that logic, a state could refuse to recognize interracial heterosexual marriages from other states and that would be just dokey as far as Paul is concerned.

And yeah, he's really obsessed with the gold standard.

(Via New York magazine.)

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