Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I just want to make sure I grasp what happens next. Mike Huckabee is now near the top of the GOP heap (or, according to one poll, at the top). So will one of the next couple of debates (either the Spanish-language one in Florida on Sunday or the English-language one in Iowa next Wednesday) be the Pile On Huckabee Debate, where the point will be not to learn the entire field's views, but rather to try to rattle Huck by hitting him with every question he might not want to answer for fear of alienating GOP conservatives or general-election moderates -- on his role in releasing serial rapist Wayne DuMond, his belief in creationism that may or may not include a belief that it should be taught in the schools, his initial unawareness that the NIE report on Iran existed, and (for the righties) his opposition to waterboarding and distaste for Guantanamo, his support for tuition breaks for some undocumented immigrants, and his willingness to raise some taxes?

Is that what's going happen? Or does the press like Huckabee too much, or think that kind of treatment should be reserved for Democrats (or Clintons)?

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