Friday, December 21, 2007


From Jeri Thompson, in an interview with John Hawkins of Right Wing News:

...So, tell us about the first time you and Fred had a serious discussion about him running for the presidency this year. When was it and can you tell us a little bit about it?

Well...I know one of the conversations we had, we were sitting around our kitchen table and we do have these two small children....So, looking at a 3 and a half year old at the top of the stairs, he said to me..."A lot goes through your mind from the time Hayden is at the top of those steps to the time she's at the bottom. I feel our country is at a crossroads and we need to do something." I agree.

Right. I'm sure he said that. In those exact words. I'm sure he said, in effect, "Hey, hon, look at our little girl stumbling down the stairs. That really makes me think about the threat of Islamic extremism, the looming entitlements crisis, and the threat to our national sovereignty posed by the Law of the Sea Treaty. You too, I bet. I gotta do something!"

Oh, and on a different subject, wouldn't you say that one of these things is not like the others?

What I know is that the experiences Fred has had, from getting married at 17 and working in a factory, putting himself through college and then through law school, being a Federal prosecutor at 28, being minority council at 30, moving on to help Marie Ragghianti take down a corrupt Governor, playing himself in the movies, being a US Senator, and doing all the things he has done since then qualifies him to be President.

Yup -- Jeri Thompson includes "playing himself in the movies" as one of things that qualify her husband to be president of the United States. Yikes.

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