Monday, December 10, 2007


M.J. Rosenberg, after watching Rudy Giuliani on Meet the Press:

Russert prosecuted the famed prosecutor, enumerating one Giuliani scandal after another. All Rudy could do was giggle.

Steve Benen, after watching Giuliani:

Giuliani seemed to find all of this hilarious, laughing and clapping as if Russert were Jerry Seinfeld.

Atrios asked for a Rudy giggle compilation. Talking Points Memo has complied. (Watch the video here.)

But if you want evidence that this wasn't a new thing, that Rudy's campaign came to the conclusion a while back that levity is needed, just recall the bizarrely jolly, utterly out-of-character video the Giuliani camp provided to the YouTube debate -- the one that featured King Kong.

And watch one of the first TV ads the Giuliani campaign released after that debate, which, after some not particularly funny talk, ends with Rudy giving us a bizarre forced laugh and frozen smile.

So this is clearly a campaign strategy.

Now, will it be debated endlessly, like Hillary's laugh a couple of months ago?

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