Friday, December 07, 2007


Another fundie whiner:

The battle between science and creationism has reached the prestigious Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where a former researcher is claiming he was fired because he doesn't believe in evolution.

Nathaniel Abraham filed a lawsuit earlier this week in US District Court in Boston saying that the Cape Cod research center dismissed him in 2004 because of his Christian belief that the Bible presents a true account of human creation.

Abraham, who is seeking $500,000 in compensation for a violation of his civil rights, says in the suit that he lost his job as a postdoctoral researcher in a biology lab shortly after he told his superior that he did not accept evolution as scientific fact.

...In a 2004 letter to Abraham, his boss, Woods Hole senior scien tist Mark E. Hahn, wrote that Abraham said he did not want to work on "evolutionary aspects" of the National Institutes of Health grant for which he was hired, even though the project clearly required scientists to use the principles of evolution in their analyses and writing.....

Hi, my name is Steve. Would you consider my application for employment at your hospital? Yes, it's true that I don't believe in the germ theory of disease transmission. But my principled opposition to washing my hands should not be an impediment to my employment at your facility, and I'll sue you for discrimination if you disagree.

Hmmm ... I wonder if Mr. Abraham's ex-governor will decide that Woods Hole is being "politically correct" and come to his defense....

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