Sunday, December 09, 2007


The New York Times has a new article today in its series on the backgounds of the presidential candidates, "The Long Run." This article is about Hillary Clinton.

And actually, quite a few "Long Run" articles have been about Hillary Clinton. Here's the series page, and here's the breakdown:

Obama: 7 articles
Clinton: 5
Giuliani: 4 5 (see below)*
McCain: 2
Romney: 2
Thompson: 2
Dodd: 1
Edwards: 1
Huckabee: 1

So I guess the guy who seems to be the new GOP frontrunner has a life story that's only about 14% as interesting as Obama's, and about 20% as interesting as Hillary's. The same for John Edwards. Romney is only 28% as interesting as Obama. And apparently nothing interesting has ever happened to Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, or Duncan Hunter. Glad that's been worked out.


*UPDATE, MONDAY: Another day, yet another Giuliani article in the series.

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