Monday, December 10, 2007


Digby and Atrios are understandably disgusted at this Washington Post article on Hillary Clinton's wardrobe:

... Women have come a long way from the time when wearing a pair of pants was considered "borrowing from the boys." So it would be highly regressive to suggest that the candidate is using trousers to heighten the perception that she can be as tough as a man. And yet ...

This is a campaign in which gender stereotypes are being challenged even as the old assumptions are proving stubborn and resilient. Voters are being asked to envision something this country has never had: a female commander in chief. And the culture is gently roiling as audiences try to color in the outline of an XX president....

Who cares? WHO CARES???

I just want to remind you that this nonsense comes from Robin Givhan -- the same "journalist" who, a couple of months ago, told us about the micron of cleavage Hillary seemed to be revealing on C-SPAN.

Five bucks says she eventually gets a Pulitzer. (UPDATE: Oops -- as the Eccentric points out in comments, she's already won one. And, to give her her due, she is the one who told us about Dick Cheney's ski parka at Auschwitz.)

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