Monday, December 17, 2007


In case you're laboring under the misconception that all of Ron Paul's supporters (and potential November voters if he runs third-party) are toothless yokels who've hunted and eaten squirrel, watch this. The setting: New York City. The music: I don't recognize it, but those damn sure aren't steel guitars.

Alas, I don't think this is the last link you're going to see between Paulism and what we graybeards used to call "youth culture."

Andrew Sullivan watched this video and gushed:

this is a phenomenon devoted to one dangerously forgotten thing in the Republican party: liberty. And it gives me hope....

Yeah, me too! Subjecting everyone to the tender mercies of an unfettered turbocapitalist free market with no social safety net whatsoever RAWKS!!!!!!!1!1!!!

Oh, by the way, Sullivan has endorsed Ron Paul for the GOP nomination, while almost endorsing John McCain, and endorsing Barack Obama on the Democratic side. Ideological coherence is so last millennium....

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