Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hang on to your hats -- Fred Thompson just got the all-important Ted Nugent endorsement:

...I am not an endorser of Rudy Giuliani. On a number of issues, primarily the gun control issue, he has really turned his back on the Second Amendment over the years. I really like Mike Hukabee and Tommy Thompson. I admire Mitt Romney. I admire John McCain. But to whittle it down right now I really have the Nugent spotlight, and I've been scrutinizing Mr. Fred Thompson. I think he glows a little bit more than those other great gentlemen.

Y'know, Ross Perot said a lot of kooky things, but one thing he said that was unquestionably admirable was "If you hate people, I don't want your vote." As I've pointed out many times, Ted Nugent hates people -- Asian people, Muslim people, and lots and lots of others. In a rational world, the political press would point this out. Ah, but Ted's "colorful," and right-wing, so it's OK.


*(Er, the post title is meant to be a joke.)

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