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"March of the Sexual Majority" to rock Moscow on Wednesday

A week and a half after gay activists were attacked by nationalists across from Moscow's City Hall, a group of rock acts were preparing to play a gala concert in support of heterosexuality.

The March of the Sexual Majority, organized by the lead singer of a Russian rock group called Neschastny Sluchai (Unfortunate Incident), is to include acts ranging from the popular band B-2 to actor Gosha Kutsenko.

...Last month, gay activists were beaten by nationalists and Russian Orthodox demonstrators as they attempted to file a request with Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov to hold a gay pride march.

Police briefly detained a number of the activists, including European lawmakers. Luzhkov earlier this year called gay marches 'satanic.' ...

More here:

... [The concert's] poster has the slogan "For the sake of life on Earth!" and shows a cartoon image of a man and woman holding hands, with a white circle marking the woman's womb.

... [Alexei] Kortnev [the lead singer of Neschastny Sluchai] said that the timing of the event just over a week after the gay rights protest in central Moscow was a "very sad coincidence" since the concert had been planned four months ago. "We are categorically against the violent putting down of the protest," he said, calling it a "disgraceful punch-up."

"I'm not against those people, we're not against those people," Kortnev said. "We are against the active popularization of homosexual values among young people." Such popularization was growing very quickly, he said. "Primarily it's on the stage and in pop music."

He complained of "an erosion of the difference between men and girls" and "an assiduous denial of our sexual nature."

The event will include games related to the topic, such as a contest in which audience members demonstrate their knowledge of how to use a condom correctly. The contest will be called "Stretch out the Pleasure," Kortnev said, consulting television presenter Pelsh at the other end of the line.

To show that the organizers do not support the official reaction to the gay parade, plans for the concert include a sketch in which gay protesters beat up OMON riot police, Kortnev said.

The event did not receive state funding, Kortnev said, although he added that its aims fit well with President Vladimir Putin's initiative to increase the birthrate....

I don't get it. It's like holding a benefit concert for right-handedness -- if you could stop hyperventilating for a second, it would be obvious that heterosexuality is not under siege. As for the mixed messages, it all reminds me of Howard Stern, who mocks gay people, then claims bits like "Lesbian Dial-a-Date" are pro-gay rather than just subtler forms of mockery.

Oh, and scroll down here to the English-language interview and you'll see that Kornev's first big musical influence was, er, Queen.

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