Monday, June 11, 2007


(UPDATE: This is embarrassing -- I was reading the numbers for an April poll, and that's what's linked below. Here's the PDF for the current poll.)

Top four '08 GOP candidates among Republican and Republican-leaning male voters, according to the new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll (PDF):

Rudy Giuliani 26%
Fred Thompson 18%
John McCain 12%
Mitt Romney 10%

Top four candidates among Republican and Republican-leaning female voters:

Rudy Giuliani 32%
Fred Thompson 12%

John McCain 8%
Mitt Romney 7%

That's right -- among the female respondents, he has a 20-point lead.


Either there's a surprisingly large pro-choice contingent among GOP women ... or Republican women think those jackboots look awfully good.

(Via Taegan Goddard.)

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