Thursday, June 14, 2007


Oh my -- it appears that the White House actually sent an underling to Free Republic, in a desperate attempt to get the rabble to stop being mean about the immigration bill:

A spokeman for the Bush administration sent an e-mail to Jim Robinson and myself confirming the authenticity of a post on Free Republic this afternoon regarding the immigration bill currently before the Senate as having been posted on behalf of the White House.

The spokesman, Nicholas Thompson, works for the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives. The Politico reported yesterday that Thompson and Kerrie Rushton, associate directors in the Office of Strategic Initiatives who work under Karl Rove, would be engaging the blogosphere on the immigration bill.

Thompson's post is on the thread titled Penalty Mitigation in the Immigration Reform Bill, a vanity posted by philman_36. Thompson posted at comment #53....

Thompson's confirmation e-mail includes a brief introduction ("...The White House appreciates the opportunity to respond on Free Republic...."), followed by the text of comment #53, which explains that the White House thinks hiring illegals is bad and should be punished, but not when an employer really-really-really didn't know the employees were undocumented -- oh, and by the way, the administration has assessed a lot of fines.

The Freepers are unmoved:

Hi, Nicholas. We will be able to have a reasonable discussion only AFTER you close the borders, build a wall, make Mexico pay for the criminals they have sent us, make Mexico pay for medical care for their citizens, and send employers to jail who have violated the law.

Until the President has proven he has taken his oath of office seriously in this matter, go pound sand.




How is this different from the current law? BS! Screw this administration!


They can post and spin all the cr*p they want, but I don’t buy it, I don’t like it, I don’t trust them and I’m furious. I will never again dontate money or vote for any politian who supports this Zamnisty bill!!!



I campaigned very hard and spent a lot of money twice to help elect Bush. I don’t think I have ever been as disappointed politically in a winning candidate....

Granted, he scored some hits and was stellar after 9-11, but the dogs just kept coming and his desire to make mexican illegals a plurality or majority in my country that my ancestors have lived and fought in since Jamestown makes my blood boil...livid is the right word.

All I want the next 16 months from this outfit is to pack their bags and not do anymore damage and pray to God we can get someone who understands the base and the culture war and at the same times stave off the Democrats who represent their base and what they stand all too well.

Coulda been a contender.

The Free Republic/talk radio/Fox News crowd is a mob the Republican Party has used for years to keep the rest of us in line; it's not a physically violent mob, but for years the GOP has been able to rally it whenever the political tide has threatened to go in a way Republicans don't like.

And now it's turned on the head of the party.

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