Sunday, June 17, 2007


I told you a couple of days ago that this Sean Hannity line was going to become a meme, and now Hannity has Tim Russert agreeing with it:

Hannity to Dick Morris, June 11:

HANNITY: I think the Republicans will win the election because the Democrats are now so positioned left and I think it will be very hard for them to overcome that. Agree or disagree?

MORRIS: Disagree. Hillary will be the next president. But let's all work to try to stop it.

Hannity to Tim Russert, June 13:

Hannity: I think the Democrats have gone further left than anybody would have anticipated. I think these bloggers have really gotten to them. I think they're really positioning themselves that they’re gonna have a very difficult time moving center. Do you see that?

Russert: Absolutely...

Interesting that Democrat-hater Morris wouldn't say "Oh yes, you're so right, Sean" to Hannity, but the allegedly impartial Russert eagerly did so....


(Thanks again, Tom and Phil....)

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