Thursday, June 14, 2007

I sense a meme coming on.

Sean Hannity on Fox News, June 11:

I think the Republicans will win the election because the Democrats are now so positioned left and I think it will be very hard for them to overcome that.

Republican-pretending-to-be-a-Democrat Camille Paglia in Salon, June 13:

...too many Democrats seem to believe that their party will simply sail into the White House in 2008.... The confident Republican foregrounding of military and security issues is going to present a very high hurdle to the Democratic nominee. Democrats are already acquiring a dismaying reputation for underestimating the threat of global terrorism.

Can the righties get this one to cross over? Sure, why not? Never mind the fact that everyone who could possibly get the Republican presidential nomination is beyond the pale on Iraq as far as the American public is concerned, and every Democrat who can be nominated is well within the mainstream -- we'll just be told, repeatedly, that the Republicans are in the sensible center and the Democrats are scarily off to the left. I think this line is going mainstream soon.


Oh, and a bit more from Paglia's column. Just try to follow the logic of this if you have unaltered brain cells:

As a global warming agnostic, I dislike the way that Gore's preachy, apocalyptic fundamentalism has fomented an atmosphere of hysteria around this issue and potentially compromised the long-term credibility of environmentalism....

My own philosophy about earth's titanic, humanity-dwarfing operations is contained in a curious video I recently found on Clips of volcanic eruptions and magma flows are set to the abstract "psychedelic" music of a California rock group, the Danbury Shakes. This eerie fusion of lurid natural images with a distorted, clashing soundscape is richly evocative of a 1960s vision that has been lost. The '60s revolution, as I've argued elsewhere, was about much more than politics. Fanaticism about global warming reduces the eternal terrors of nature to a banal political melodrama.

Yeah! Volcanos erupt, therefore global warming can't really be a big problem -- the connection is just so obvious! The whole planet can't possibly be getting warmer because people in Pompeii were, like, sealed in magma, man! Volcanoes are, like, so cosmic. Did I tell you my aunt Camille knew a guy who knew a guy who used to buy blotter from Owsley?

Duuuude! Look at your hands! No, I'm serious, dude -- have you ever really looked at your hands?

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