Saturday, June 23, 2007


The editorials in Investor's Business Daily are possibly even more right-wing than the ones in The Wall Street Journal. If I'm not mistaken, the point of this IBD editorial is that the U.S. might actually win the war and the press won't tell you about it.

No, really, am I misreading this?

... Arrowhead Ripper [is] the code name for a massive U.S.-led assault under way in Iraq's Diyala province -- an undertaking that has garnered token media coverage since it began Tuesday.

After getting some initial front-page treatment in major U.S. newspapers, the story was pushed back to page 18 in the Washington Post Thursday and Page 10 in The New York Times on Friday. The Los Angeles Times ran a front pager Thursday, then nothing....

What needs to be said is this is one of the war's largest operations to date, and perhaps the most significant. If successful, it could push al-Qaida out of Iraq....

This operation ... stands out because the U.S.-led assault force has explicitly made it a goal to "eliminate" the enemy -- not to let it slip away, then watch as it returns to bring more chaos and terror to Diyala province....

We can be sure ... that if Arrowhead Ripper is less successful than hoped, we'll be treated to an endless number of "Diyala: What Went Wrong?" retrospectives.

... so far, it's working, with dozens of terrorists killed. It bears watching. But sadly, if the successes pile up, it won't be long until the story's pushed even further back in the nation's newspapers.

Isn't that what IBDis saying -- that Arrowhead Ripper might literally "'eliminate' the enemy," and that the press wouldn't cover that?

That's tinfoil hat stuff.

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