Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Carl Bernstein book couldn't get any higher on the New York Times bestseller list in its first week out than #7.

The Gerth/Van Natta book isn't even in the top 35 (though it didn't arrive in the stores until later in the week).

Moral (choose one): The number of people who are fascinated by her is greatly exaggerated. The number of people who despise her enough to buy these books is greatly exaggerated.

What's #1? The Reagan Diaries. Oh, Christ, let's just bow to the inevitable and elect his corpse president in '08.

(This list has been circulated via e-mail and will appear on the Times Web site over the weekend.)


OH, AND: Now at #3 on the Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous hardcover list is Culturally Incorrect by Rod Parsley, a favorite pulpit-pounder of Ann Coulter, Alan Keyes, and Ken Blackwell. Ick.

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