Tuesday, June 26, 2007


... when a page on Pat Robertson's Web site announces that a Christian rap CD "drops" July 10.


Oh, and elsewhere on the site's music blog (yes, there's a whole music blog), there's this:

BarlowGirl Speaks Out

The wait is almost over as the three-sister band, BarlowGirl, is scheduled to release their highly-anticipated third project on Fervent Records,
How Can We Be Silent, on July 24.

...The album ... sports a song entitled "One More Round," which is one of Rebecca’s favorites.

"It was inspired by a teaching on a Focus on the Family radio broadcast," she recalls. "The guest was an ex-football player and he talked about boxing and how our spiritual life is like being in a boxing ring. It doesn't matter how many times we are knocked down, we need to get right back up and keep following what God has for us."

Wow ... being knocked down and getting back up. What an interesting, original idea for a song lyric. I wonder if anyone's ever thought of it before....

Whoops! Never mind!

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