Monday, June 18, 2007


After eight years of trying to get away with as much as possible while evading detection, the Bush administration, according to U.S. News, apparently plans to institutionalize that way of doing business -- literally:

President Bush isn't leaving it to strangers to take care of his legacy project, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Playing key roles are political aide Karl Rove, first lady Laura Bush, and former Chief of Staff Andy Card. The trio has been interviewing architects and touring similar research campuses for tips.

And here's the best part:

We hear that some are urging Bush to put Rove in charge once it's built.

That would be this Karl Rove:

The number of White House officials given RNC e-mail accounts is higher than previously disclosed.... The officials with RNC e-mail accounts include Karl Rove, the President’s senior advisor....

...there are major gaps in the e-mail records of the 37 White House officials for whom the RNC did preserve e-mails. The RNC has preserved only 130 e-mails sent to Mr. Rove during President Bush’s first term and no e-mails sent by Mr. Rove prior to November 2003....

Yeah, maybe Karl and and Andy and Laura will ask their friend Alberto to help preserve the rich legacy of the Bush years. ("Oops! That was the Delete key, wasn't it?")

(Links via Achorn and Atrios.)

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