Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A delicate flower at Free Republic needs some smelling salts:

Warren Buffet and Hillary: Hillary Cackles At Mean-Spirited Joke

On FoxNews a little while ago, they showed a video clip of Warren Buffet speaking at what looked like a Hillary campaign fundraiser.

I can't find the video on Fox's site, YouTube, or Google video, so it seems like it isn't up yet.

From memory it went like this:

Buffet: My idea is that you make a company so good that even an idiot can run it, because you know that one day an idiot will end up running it!

(Audience laughter)

Buffet: Kind of like this country, where even an idiot can run it, and is...

(LOUD cackling from Hillary, so loud it drowns out most of the audience's laughter.)

If anyone finds this video, could you please post it here?


Merciful heavens, what dreadful mean-spiritedness! How it coarsens our political culture!

Here's the first comment in response to this:

That bitch needs a muzzle over her piehole and a shock collar around her neck.

But that's meant in the most non-mean-spirited way possible, of course!


UPDATE: Actual quote, per Reuters:

[Buffett] recalled a saying, "buy stock in a company that's so good that an idiot can run it, because sooner or later one will." When he added, "now I think that sort of applies to the country too, actually," the audience burst out laughing.

I assume there was "LOUD cackling from Hillary" because, er, she was standing in front of a microphone and the audience wasn't.

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