Thursday, June 28, 2007


Jake Tapper, ABC:

On MSNBC Tuesday, Coulter said that Edwards should stop using her as an excuse to raise money. But a few hours after she called in to the show, Elizabeth Edwards sent supporters a new plea -- via e-mail and text messaging -- for more "Coulter cash," featuring a recording of their latest confrontation.

Just as Coulter has a book to promote this week, John Edwards has a fundraising deadline. The Coulter-/Edwards clash is starting to prove that when it comes to publicity, enemies can have their uses.

David Gregory, NBC (to Elizabeth Edwards):

If you strip away some of the inflammatory rhetoric against your husband and other Democrats, the point she's trying to make about your husband, Senator Edwards, running for the White House is, in effect, that he's disingenuous, especially on his signature issue of poverty, whether it's a $400 haircut or taking big money to speak in front of a poverty group. Again, strip away the inflammatory rhetoric. Is that a real point of vulnerability that you have to deal with in this campaign?

Alexander Mooney, CNN:

Elizabeth Edwards brushed off suggestions Thursday that it is a “double standard” to criticize conservative commentator Ann Coulter while using her controversial comments in fundraising solicitations.

John Edwards’ presidential campaign has featured conservative commentator Ann Coulter on its Web site to raise campaign cash, just as the important June 30 deadline to collect second quarter campaign contributions quickly approaches.

I'm starting to think that Coulter isn't the uncensored id of the far right. I'm starting to think she's the uncensored id of the mainstream media, particularly those in the TV branch. They're her most loyal supporters. They never abandon her.


By the way, in the reader comments for that ABC story, there's this:

AS A DEMOCRAT, I think Obama's wife has more character in her jar of jerry-curl than Edwards has in her whole family. HILL-BILL FOR 08...HILLARY WOULD NEVER PULL THIS VICTIMIZATION GARBAGE! Please consider the factor of character...of fresh socialist ideas that will redirect this country on a path of a new and wonderful glorious revolution. Hillary would put a stop to a lot of things.A lot of bad things...and put the democrat back in to Democrat.Obama would make an excellent house porter for the White House.

Posted by:
SkullRuler 11:40 AM

Why do hate-filled idiots like this so often insist on pretending to be Democrats? It's a bizarre tic.

(And by the way, moron, this is not a Jheri curl. These are Jheri curls.)

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