Thursday, June 21, 2007


Carl Bernstein's book on Hillary Clinton, A Woman in Charge, drops from #7 to #13 on the new New York Times bestseller list. Meanwhile, Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta's Hillary book, Her Way, stumbles onto the list ... at #32.

The books are flops. Nobody cares.

Alas, The Reagan Diaries is still #1. The Diana Chronicles is #2, bumping Al Gore's The Assault on Reason to #3.

Oh, and coming onto the list at #5 is the new book by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, which seems to be a real mishmash -- Outrage: How Illegal Immigration, the United Nations, Congressional Ripoffs, Student Loan Overcharges, Tobacco Companies, Trade Protection, and Drug Companies Are Ripping Us Off ... and What to Do About It. Tobacco companies? Drug companies? Does he hate capitalism? Does he hate freedom? I guess as long as he attacks the UN and (not squeezed into the subtitle, but apparently in the book) teachers' unions, he can say whatever the hell he wants about big business.


(This list has gone out via e-mail. It will appear on the Times Web site over the weekend.)

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