Monday, June 18, 2007


Anyone else find this story, from the Southern Baptist Convention's news service, a bit creepy?

SAN ANTONIO (BP)--Comparing people who do evangelism to hunting dogs, and those who don't to lap dogs, Bobby Welch encouraged FAITH evangelism luncheon attendees to "get out of the house and do some huntin'!"

Welch, creator of the FAITH evangelism strategy and strategist for global evangelical relations for the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee, joined about 300 others June 12 in San Antonio at the luncheon sponsored by LifeWay Christian Resources.

"We've got the hunting dogs in this room," Welch said. "Lap dogs are those little dogs that stay in the house, sleep on the bed and shiver when it gets cold. You have to feed them certain things, pet them a certain way, and when they go out of the house, they're scared to death.

"But hunting dogs are the ones who live in the yard, always ready to go," he said. "They'll eat whatever you throw out to them and appreciate it. They're never happier than when they are in the back of the truck, heading out to the woods to see what they can track down."

..."The big news is you've been let loose," Welch said. "You can't whine now like a bunch of lap dogs about how LifeWay won't let you do something. It's time for you to get out and hunt."

Is that how Christian-conservative evangelicals see the rest of us -- as prey to be hunted by dogs? And we're the dangerous angry militants (especially those of us who are atheists and agnostics)?

By the way, if I were a white Southern Baptist, I might go a bit light on imagery like this -- for historical reasons.

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