Monday, April 08, 2013


Can right-wingers turn anything into a reason for hating Barack Obama? Let's see ... Margaret Thatcher's death? Sure they can. Check out the Twitter feed of Fox's Todd Starnes:

These people are insane.


UPDATE: Happy now, Todd?

Let's see if anyone on the right acknowledges that the president made no mention of political differences with Thatcher. Compare the statement by Labour Party leader Ed Milliband:
"I send my deep condolences to Lady Thatcher's family, in particular Mark and Carol Thatcher.

"She will be remembered as a unique figure. She reshaped the politics of a whole generation. She was Britain's first woman Prime Minister. She moved the centre ground of British politics and was a huge figure on the world stage.

"The Labour Party disagreed with much of what she did and she will always remain a controversial figure. But we can disagree and also greatly respect her political achievements and her personal strength.

"She also defined the politics of the 1980s. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and I all grew up in a politics shaped by Lady Thatcher. We took different paths but with her as the crucial figure of that era.

"She coped with her final, difficult years with dignity and courage. Critics and supporters will remember her in her prime."


Victor said...

What, too soon?

I don't celebrate the death of anyone.

But I do enjoy reading my share of obituaries.
And I'll relish reading this one.

My greatest fear is that, since even maggots and germs won't feast on that beast's flesh, she'll be made a Saint, because decades from now, her corpse will look the same coming out, as it did being buried.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish," as our friends across the pond are fond of saying.

At least now, Reagan won't be so lonely - he has someone to share his hot little corner of Hell with.

Glennis said...

"Why doesn't the guy I hate do what I think he should do when I think he should do it?"

Buford said...

Oh, Sorry Steve, I thought you were listing "stupid right wing tweets" of the day...

Joseph Nobles said...

If the White House had released that statement within 15 minutes, Obama would have been a vulture that had it ready and waiting to go.