Friday, April 19, 2013



And every report I'm hearing/reading says they're brothers.

Thanks again, Michelle. I'm sure when the New York Post needs a new editor, you'll be at the top of the candidate list.

(And yeah, I guess a lot of people had the wrong ID overnight.)


Victor said...

So, this just in - two brothers did it.
And one brother drove-over, and killed the other one - who was wearing an IED, which police discovered when they approached the body.

The initial report said they were Chechnians.
CHECHNIANS?!?! - thinks I!!!!

If you asked me, out of all of the fucking countries that we've fucked with over the fucking decades, I'd have put fucking Chechnya right around dead fucking last - after all, they're Russia's favorite whipping-boy.
I'd have put New Zealanders ahead of Chechnians.

What, Moscow doesn't have any fucking marathons?

At least for now, as was just reported, it turns out, their family is from Kyrgystan.
KYRGYSTAN?!?! - thinks I?

What's their beef with us, the US?

Couldn't get dates for some prom?

I can "get" terrorists from the Middle East coming here and killing people - even foreigners running a marathon.
But people from the former USSR's, or now Russia's, sphere of influence?

Cue the flying-monkey's!
There goes immigration reform!

Palli said...

Michelle- a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Roger said...

Someone please direct Shirley Sherrod's lawyers to Messrs. Mulugeta and Tripathi.