Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I know the wingnuts are gleeful because the right-wing Boston Herald is reporting that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was on welfare in Massachusetts -- but what's their policy recommendation? Should the government go through a time machine before providing public assistance, in order to determine whether recipients will someday commit felonies? Or do righties think we should withhold public assistance from refugees?

And if it's the latter, should it be all refugees? Including the ones the wingnuts like? The Cubans, for instance?

I see that Elian Gonzalez's great-uncle Lazaro, paterfamilias of the "Miami relatives," came to the U.S. in 1984. During the battle for Elian's custody, he remained unemployed for seven months. Did he receive any government benefits upon his arrival, or while jobless during the custody battle, or in between, or afterward? Funny, I don't recall any right-wing journalists scouring the rolls to find out. And I suspect no winger would have complained if Lazaro or anyone else in his family was on the dole. Cubans, after all, are the good refugees.

And, yes, by all means let's hold state public assistance agencies responsible for monitoring potential terrorist activity -- because administering benefits and reviewing eligibility and rooting out fraud and making sure kids on public assistance aren't being chained to radiators by abusive parents leaves them so much free time to monitor geopolitically suspicious behavior, right? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.


Anonymous said...

Did you know every criminal in the US took advantage, at some time, of state built roads? We must end this giveaway immediately.

Victor said...

Whew, we should all be thankful that people who get SNAP funds can only spend that money on food - or else there might be some immigrant FOOD STAMP Bomber, who might combine some household chemicals, nails, and BB's, and blow-up some rednecks by stuffing their home-made bombs in bowling-ball bags left at 'Siblingschtupp's Annual BBQ and KKK Jubilee!!!'

And what we also need to do to make sure to our Conservative rednecks are safe, is to make sure that no one who's not white, can get shades of make-up that white men and women use, so they can't put that stuff on, and sneak-in as white folks, carrying their bowling-ball bags, to any cracker jubilee's.

BH said...

Steve, you're missing the lumpenright's point, to wit: there shouldn't be any public assistance agencies, or public assistance. Well, except for... morally worthy recipients as arbitrarily determined by local nabobs. You know, the way it used to be when Amurka was pure.

Victor said...

To take it one step further, they're just fine with corporate welfare - those corporate "people" are worthy.

Flesh and blood people, aren't worthy.

You need to save money for bail-out and tax breaks, not to help the homeless, help provide jobs, and certainly not to educate people - the more ignorant, the better for further fleecing.

Examinator said...

Victor Victor Victor,
Kleerly you haven't been brung up a proppa 'merican. Cos ifn you had you,d know that only born 'mericans worthy peeple an' migrant are only sometimes honorary peeple.
But'n the most honorable are the god blessed Corporashuns from who all Erthly blessins come.

To be honest I'm surprised that the right wing numb nuttery hasn't caught up with the similarity in the bombers name and Tamerlane the C14th *non Christian* conqueror and relly of Genghis Kahn as the Bombers motivation. It makes as much sense!