Friday, April 26, 2013


Here are the opening paragraphs of Keith Koffler's new Politico column, which is titled "Obama's Hubris Problem":
Tuesday morning, a peculiar announcement trickled out of the White House press office: President Barack Obama would be holding a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston bombings. At the White House. By himself. No press or other intruders allowed.

Except the White House photographer.

That Obama assumed Americans would want an iconic photo of him privately mourning the victims of the bombings was emblematic of a kind of hubris that has enveloped the president and his White House as the president commences his second term....
Well, here's the picture, an official White House photo by Pete Souza. Your call as to the appropriateness of this.

However, as I was Googling around, I came upon an article about the decision by the House of Representatives to hold its own Boston moment of silence.

Here's the photo accompanying that article:

Notice the caption:
Speaker Boehner speaks to President Obama after the Boston bombing. (Photo courtesy office of House Speaker Boehner)
Oh, but the fact that Boehner called in an official government photographer to take a picture of him being a Very Concerned Person in the aftermath of the Boston bombing is, um, ... well, it's different, because ... um ...

You tell me why it's different.


Victor said...

Well, President Obama's not only a f*ckin' Democrat, he's a f*ckin' N****R!!!

This ends today edition of "SATSQ."

Tune in tomorrow, for another predictable edition.

Tom Hilton said...

I first ran across Keith Koffler's name a while back; I don't recall now what it was he had written, but it was some seriously deranged anti-Obama shit. And when I googled him, surprise, turns out seriously deranged anti-Obama shit is a lot of what he writes. What a fucking tool.

Tom Hilton said...'s Koffler's cartoon of the day for today.

What's his middle name? Kurt? Kevin? Just guessing.

Steve M. said...

Good Lord, that cartoon is hamfisted.

And I see he was one of the idiots who attacked Obama for not commemorating D-Day, which George W. Bush also did not commemorate in six of his eight years in office.

Victor said...

It took 6 years of lernin' in office before W could get to the "D", in D-Day.

trnc said...

I hope the Boehner caption is accurate. My first thought was that he was fundraising.

RandomThgt said...

Each time I think that these a$$hole GOPers can't get worse, they continue to do so in the most mundane and idiotic of ways...and we wonder why the country is in the shape it is...No folks, no one hates our "freedom"...They laugh at our stupidity.

city said...

thanks for share..