Monday, June 11, 2012


If Bill Clinton had contradicted Barack Obama like this, the punditocracy would be talking about it for weeks:

Gov. Walker splits with Romney, says firemen, teachers aren't 'big government'

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) disagreed Sunday with Mitt Romney's conclusion that the failed recall election in Wisconsin was evidence that American voters want fewer public workers such as teachers and firemen.

“I think it's slightly different -- I think in our case what they wanted was people willing to take on the tough issues not only here but across the country,” Walker told CBS's Face the Nation. "I know in my state our reforms allowed us to protect firefighters, police officers and teachers. That's not what I think of when I think of big government."

I know, I know -- Scott Walker isn't Bill Clinton. But he's the new GOP superstar! He's being talked about as a potential VP candidate! He's more of a household name than Cory Booker, isn't he? So why isn't this a big deal? Why isn't it a big embarrassment to Romney?

I understand that Romney's firefighter remark was a minor part of the story, while Obama's assertion that "the private sector is doing fine" was the main story. But the narrative now is that the Obama campaign is struggling and stumbling, while Romney's campaign is performing flawlessly. Romney's remark was a flaw, as is Walker's decision to distance himself from it.

But those are facts that don't fit the narrative. And despite the fact that his party is the one that supposedly hates the mainstream media, Romney's campaign is now expertly feeding narratives to the mainstream media. Can the Obama campaign win an election if Romney's winning the media?


Ten Bears said...

Y2K anyone? Bought media, bought Supreme Court, bought government "officials" in places like Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. Romney is going to take this simply because "Americans" are to stupid to learn the lessons of the past. And "they" are counting on that.

Victor said...



And I'm with Ten Bears on this one.

Will people flip-out when the voting machines flip again?
This will be a close election, and history has already shown us that R's will do ANY and EVERY THING TO WIN!
They've done it before, why not do it again?

Will Obama and Biden flip?
Or, will they do the "noble" thing, and fall on their swords, like Gore and Kerry?

Save some swords for the rest of us, boys - we'll need them when they come for us!

Steve M. said...

I didn't agree with Ten Bears when he said that the Republicans were throwing the election and I 'm skeptical that they're going to steal it by monkeying with machines (much easier to create perfectly legal barriers to voting that Democratic voters won't overcome).

Victor said...

Yeah, but you know them, they'll tinker with them - just because THEY CAN.


And isn't THAT, besides a permanent Conservative Reich, what they want?

You're right though - voter suppression is SOOOO much more effective!
And if they win this year, they'll make voting a privilege instead of a right. Just in time to stop the hoi palloy's in the demographic changes from voting in 2014 and 2016, while they consolidate their power.

BH said...

To the extent there is any truth in the notion that the GOP, generally speaking, detests the MSM - and I think that rhetorically, at least, there's a good deal of truth in it - that detestation evokes an interesting response. Instead of exhibiting, say, scorn & defiance, the "on-the-bus" representatives of the MSM (and many if not most of their masters in the head offices) instead exhibit behavior typical of people who desperately wish not to be detested. That is to say, these so-called journalists care far too much about what hacks like Fehrnstrom and Rove think about them to provide us with anything like decent, objective reporting. These are courtiers, not journalists.

Ten Bears said...

Steve, I sincerely hope you are right. However, i have lived a long though not necessarily comfortable life anticipating what might happen, and preparing for it.