Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Can you find anything objectionable here?
Jarrett: 'We will be prepared' if health care law struck down

Valerie Jarrett wouldn't give details Saturday on the Obama administration's plans if its health care law is struck down but did say the White House will stand by Attorney General Eric Holder as the House prepares to vote on a contempt resolution against him.

"We will be prepared," the White House senior adviser said of the pending Supreme Court ruling on the health care law, at the National Association of Black Journalists convention here. "We want to give the Supreme Court the room to make their decision." ...
No? I can't find anything objectionable either. But Fox Nation and the Washington Free Beacon could:

Valerie Jarrett, the senior adviser whose exact responsibilities in the Obama administration remain unclear, used the term "we" instead of the President's name in a speech on Saturday, leading some to speculate that Jarrett's role in White House decision-making is larger than advertised....
Excuse me? Referring to an administration in which you're a top adviser as "we" is now the height of effrontery?

(Or is uppitiness the word I'm looking for?)

There's long been a sort of Valerie Jarrett Derangement Syndrome on the right, and you've got to hand it to the righties -- they can actually pick an obscure West Wing insider, someone the vast majority of Americans have never heard of, and turn attacks on her into ratings gold. Glenn Beck repeatedly declared her the second coming of Karl Marx in his TV heyday. Edward Klein, in his #1 bestselling Obama hatchet job, declares Jarrett the de facto president (an attack gleefully retransmitted on Fox). And now she has the audacity to use the secondfirst-person-plural pronoun. Cover the children's ears!

Is it even possible for a right-winger these days to reach a hate saturation point? Is there any amount of hate that makes right-wingers say, "Thanks, I've had enough"?


Never Ben Better said...

Hate saturation? Oh, heck, no; every atom of it they gobble up and regurgitate merely makes them hungry for more. They're addicted to hate; they need their daily fix of the stuff, they'd be lost without it.

Victor said...

"Is there any amount of hate that makes right-wingers say, "Thanks, I've had enough"?"


This ends today's edition of SATSQ.

"We" thank you for your participation.

Thers said...

"We" is the first person plural. Sorry...

Steve M. said...

Well, I got it right in the headline. Thanks. Fixed now.