Saturday, June 23, 2012


Kathleen Parker today:
... Ann Romney, wife of the presumptive Republican nominee, recently became a target of ridicule when it was revealed that she co-owns an Olympian horse that will compete in dressage, a sport she apparently enjoys....

Why ... have some seen fit to ridicule Ann Romney's choice of activities?

... The issue of Ann Romney's horse is yet more ideological nonsense from the left, intended to portray Republicans generally and the Romneys specifically as enemies of The People. Riding horses is framed as just one more example of how out of touch the Romneys are with everyday Americans...
Kathleen Parker four years ago:
Being effete comes naturally to Democrats these days....

... the Democratic party has had trouble convincing working Americans that party leaders are not out of touch with so-called "Ordinary Americans." A few recent examples: John Kerry and his expensive toys; John Edwards' $400 haircuts; Howard Dean's stereotyping of southerners as caring only about race, guns, God, and gays.

Now comes Obama, whose recent bowling expedition earned him membership in the faux bubba club and put the italics in cringe....
Oh, and here's Kathleen Parker two years ago:
What is [Elena] Kagan's geography? What is her anchorage, her port of call?

Coincidentally, she shares the same home town as the other two women on the court. Assuming Kagan is confirmed, all three women will hail from New York....

President Obama has made clear his desire to nominate justices who are in touch with "ordinary Americans." ...

Enter Kagan?

Certainly New York City dwellers would argue that they struggle with ordinary concerns, just in a more dense environment. But New York, like other urban areas, tends to be more liberal than the vast rest of the country. More than half the country also happens to be Protestant, yet with Kagan, the court will feature three Jews, six Catholics and nary a Protestant. Fewer than one-fourth of Americans are Catholic, and 1.7 percent are Jewish.

One does not have to be from a rural Georgia backwater (Clarence Thomas), or the child of recently arrived immigrants (Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito), to qualify as a justice, though it might help in claiming identity with ordinary people....
Well, it's all perfectly consistent. Right-wingers are determined to keep the rest of us from focusing on the power of economic elites, so they labor mightily to divert any class resentment we have, directing it against the urban and the urbane. People who live in high-rise buildings or who grow up attending Upper West Side ballet schools don't take bread out of the mouths of heartlanders by doing so; vulture capitalists who live on low-tax "carried interest" do. People like Parker want to make sure you never remember that. They want any anger you'd (understandably) have toward the latter directed toward the former.


Uncle Mike said...

I'm really happy to see the comments over at the Post are not letting her off the hook with this bullshit.

Victor said...

Shorter Conservative punTWIT:
"It's only elitist if Democrats do it."

I can only imagine the the ridicule heaped upon Democrats if Mrs. Heinz-Kerry liked dressage, kept dressage horses, and had one that might go to the Olympics.

Not THAT would have been epic!

They still pitch Nixon's classic line about his wife having a "good Republican cloth coat."

Even as they've thrown that coat in the closet years ago, for minks, ermines, and sables.
They only bring it out when they think the rubes might be getting restless.
And then, if a Democrat dares wear anything other than a cloth coat - they can scream "Out-of-touch Elitists!!!," and when the rubes turn to look, throw their cloth coat back in the closet, put on the mink, and go back to mingling with their rich and powerful backers, and other sycophantic Conservative politicians and punTWITS.