Wednesday, June 20, 2012


If you're not sick of this sort of thing by now, Politico has the latest in Romney VP speculation. Today, the inside dope is that Tim Pawlenty is the guy at the top of the short list.

We're told that it's Pawlenty because his regular-guy background and style contrast nicely with Romney's patrician bearing; we're told that Pawlenty has been better on the stump campaigning for Romney than he was campaigning for himself; we're told his evangelicalism would help Romney with the base, though he doesn't talk about it in a way that alienates swing voters; and we're told that his wife and Ann Romney get along well.

But as you read the Politico story, you get the feeling that the real reason Pawlenty might be the one is that (unlike certain other short-listers) Pawlenty is really, really low-maintenance:
And what do top officials at Romney headquarters love about Pawlenty?

"They respect people who are loyal and show up and work hard, and he has done both in spades," the former Pawlenty official said. "From the perspective of Boston, I think that really matters.... he's an articulate, effective, economical messenger for the campaign."

In contrast to some of their higher-maintenance surrogates, the plain-spoken Pawlenty travels with no entourage -- not even the "body guy" that even most House members travel with. Often, a Romney campaign volunteer meets him when his plane lands. But at an appearance for Romney in North Carolina recently, he rented his own car and drove himself to and from the airport. The local reporters were shocked when they followed him out to his car and watched him drive himself away.

When the campaign makes a request that he fly somewhere, according to a person familiar with the conversations, the former governor just says cheerfully: "Send me my ticket."
In other words, Pawlenty doesn't expect Romney to do much of anything to help him out. That's what Romney finds most appealing about him.

I suspect that Romney looks at the American people and judges us by the same criterion.


Victor said...

So, the man who quit the campaign, because he was afraid to lose to Michele Bachmann, is manly enough to stand behind 747-shouldered Mitt?

The man with less charisma than Pablum, is going to do what, exactly, to help Mitt, who's even LESS charismatic, and makes Pablum seem like 5-Alarm Chili?

Oh please, let it be so!

Tim Pawlenty "Stupid Enough," and his I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse, will be the perfect metaphor for the coming Mittens Administration, and America's broken future.

Sadly, I don't think Mitt's handlers are THIS stupid.

Mitch Daniels is too short to stand behind Mitt - he'll disappear. Though he would make a fine WH lawn-ornament!

So, "Zelig" Portman it'll probably be, now that Marco Rubio's star has faded.

Ten Bears said...

Politico and the media in general are engaging in idle speculation, Romney has made it clear the vetting is exclusive to he and his longtime "assistant" Beth Myers (?) and they're not telling anyone anything.

And Ron Paul is still a wild-card in this. He holds both a substantial number of delegates and a sizable number of delegates suing ore their involuntary assignment as "Romney".

Politico and the media in general are engaging in idle speculation... or fueling controversy.

Tom Hilton said...

"They respect people who are loyal and show up and work hard...

So basically they're looking for a not-Palin. That, I can sort of understand.

But yeah, your point is well taken. "Ask not what Romney can do for you; ask what you can do for Romney."

BH said...

I think Timmy & Mitty might be compatible in another sense: they're both essentially weenies who overcompensate by unconvincing imitations of machismo. I could easily picture Timmy as one of Mitty's acolytes at the prep school, holding the scissors for him.

Steve M. said...

Me too, BH.