Saturday, June 16, 2012

Irony Just Threw Up in its Mouth a Little

There's a post at National Review about the President's no-deportation order titled Executive Overreach.

It's by John Yoo.

Comment would be superfluous.


Victor said...

So, the President stomping on the testicles of his/her opponent's children is fine, according you Yoo-Yahoo - but this, THIS!, is overreach bordering on tyranny!!!

What's next, an article by Archbishop Dolan on how children need to be able to identify sexual predators, and how to avoid the child-feckers?
(The answer, Arch-enemy-of-children Dolan - is to avoid going to a Catholic Church).

Is Yoo-Yahoo still teaching law at Berkley?
And if so - why?
He know less about Constitutional Law than the janitor at the school.

Ten Bears said...

The projection is so thick a good snow shovel is necessary to get through it. Over-reach indeed.

BH said...

When I saw this, I of course laughed - then told the wife, "What's next? Alberto Gonzales worrying about tyranny?" Sure nuff, I go to TPM and - bingo! - Prof. Gonzales is worried about executive tyranny too. Impossible to make stuff like this up.