Monday, June 18, 2012


This is getting a lot of attention:
Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, said Monday that she doubted she and her husband would vacation overseas as frequently as the Obamas if her husband were elected.

Romney was responding to a question from WJR Detroit's Frank Beckmann, who asked Romney if her family would be vacationing abroad as frequently as the Obamas.

"I doubt that," Romney replied. "Our vacations and our happiness come from being with our children and our grandchildren."
But I think what Mrs. R says after that is most telling:
But the potential future first lady didn't rule out vacationing at all, noting the Romney family has their "own places for that."
Yeah -- it's easy to have a staycation when you've got so many lovely places in the United States to, um, stay: the $3 million place in New Hampshire; the $12 million house (about to be vastly expanded to more than 11,000 square feet) in La Jolla, California; and the modest house they purchased in Belmont, Massachusetts, in 2010, which runs to a mere 3,000 square feet (plus private courtyard).

The Obamas have a nice house in Chicago. But that's all they own: one house. The Romneys own multiple pleasure domes (and used to own more). And I'm not even counting the houses owned by the five sons.

So, yeah, they've got a lot of options for R&R. I'm sure they have no idea that other people, including the well-to-do Obamas, don't live this way.




Victor said...

Conservative POV:
"And the Obama's have that nasty habit of taking vacations in furrin lands - like Hawaii!

No one but CommunistSocialistMuslimPinko's take vacations in furrin places like Hawaii!

'N I hear you need a passport to get there - which means you have the intent to go to even more furrin places!!!"

No wonder Mitt married her - she's as clueless and cruel as he is!

The New York Crank said...

Hey Victor, why are you getting your knickers in such a twist? All she said was, she can afford five or six vacation homes and you (and Obama) can't, so haw haw.

Play nice, now. If you stop resenting that she resents the poor taking vacations, she might charitably invite you to eat a piece of cake.

Yours crankily,
The New York Twist

Tommy said...

The only reason any decent American would go overseas is to bomb brown people. And to convert the French to Mormonism.

Tom Hilton said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that when they actually take vacations (as opposed to traveling overseas as part of his presidential responsibilities) the Obamas are spending time with their kids.

Victor said...

If those two really ARE there kids!

Where are THEIR birth certificates, hmmmm?

: smintheus :: said...

Worth recalling that in 2008 Romney declared that Obama had not earned the one house he owns. He claimed it was a gift from Rezko (this was part of his defense of McCain's inability to keep track of all his houses).