Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, now running for Congress, is being mocked for a campaign ad in which he blames the Holocaust on gun control:

This is not a silly, cockamamie notion that would occur only to a pathetic grifter like Joe the Plumber -- it's a silly, cockamamie notion that has been advanced in all seriousness by the still-deemed-respectable National Review, by Ph.D. and alleged serious scholar John Lott, by the feared lobbying outfit Gun Owners of America, and by this sheepskin-wielder, writing for the Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law (I'll leave it to you to decide how respectable that publication is).

It is regularly stated -- probably in your local paper's letters column at one time or another -- that one or another of America's gun control laws is a word-for-word translation of Nazi gun control laws; (see, e.g., this and this and this and this).

The notion that gun control is neo-Nazism has been pushed most vehemently by a group called Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, which sells items such as this:

This craziness has been out there forever. If the media finally notices it because it came from Wurzelbacher, maybe the media should have been paying attention all these years.

(The Straight Dope does a good job of debunking this nonsense here.)


Ten Bears said...

Joe the Plumber should read Fourteen Identifying Characteristics of Fascism, if it can read.

Tom Hilton said...

Mock John Lott if you will; Mary Rosh thinks he's completely right, and her opinion is worth something.

She also thinks he's totally dreamy, by the way.

Victor said...

Yes, of course, if every Jew had a gun, the Holocaust would never have happened - because if there's ONE thing we're certain of, it's that neither the SS nor Gestapo were ever armed when they knocked on doors and rounded people up.

I think if you could go back in time, and asked the Jewish people of Europe which they'd rather have, a gun or a passport for every member of their families, that the overwhelming majority would opt for the latter over the former.

Finally, if Joe "The Dumass" does get elected, with the current crop of idiotic R's in the House, the cumulative IQ drop won't be as drastic, as if it had happened at any time before.

Unknown said...

The day we first saw him I thought he was a vicious, lying thug. Speaking of Nazis, he looks the part and always has.