Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Maybe I'm just thinking this because an article popped up at The Hill this morning arguing that Mitt Romney might benefit from choosing a combative running mate, but I wonder if Mitt sees last night's results in Wisconsin as a sign that he really should run with union-basher Chris Christie.

This could go either way: Romney might see the recall results as a sign that the American electorate is starting to resemble the Fox News core audience and a pension-grabbing blowhard might be just what the public wants -- or he might conclude that when you factor out the Wisconsinites who were sold on the idea that Walker should serve out his term but might not actually like him, the recall suggests that union-bashing isn't all that popular, especially in swing states.

I'd like to think that the latter is an accurate explanation of the results, but Romney is guessing the former. I'd like to think Romney's obvious envy of Christie's natural boorishness will trump good sense. But we'll see.

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Victor said...

I don't know if Christie's mean enough.

Too bad Joseph Mengele's dead. Now, HE'D be perfect!!!