Thursday, June 07, 2012


I've already told you about one phony right-wing scandal this morning, and now here's another. Wingers are upset because the White House commemorated D-Day yesterday by posting an old speech by the president -- Obama's 2009 speech commemorating D-Day's 65th anniversary. The nerve!

* Rick Moran at American Thinker: "Obama Fails to Commemorate D-Day"
* Jim Holt at Gateway Pundit: "Obama Skips D-Day... Slaps Up Old Speech on Website & Heads to Fundraiser With Cher"
* Keith Koffler at White House Dossier: "Obama Not Scheduled to Commemorate D-Day"

Fellas? I direct your attention to President George W. Bush's archived White House Web site. Go here. In the left column, click on June for each Bush's presidential years.

Know how often George W. Bush commemorated D-Day in his eight years as president?


In 2001, Bush spoke at the dedication of the National D-Day Memorial. In 2004, he and French president Jacques Chirac marked the 60th anniversary of D-Day at the American Cemetery in Normandy.

In 2008, however, if you scroll down to June 6, you see that Bush gave interviews to reporters from French, Italian, and Slovenian TV; he sent Congress a message warning about dangers in Belarus; he commemorated Flag Day and National Flag Week; he swore in a new HUD secretary; he signed a law "which makes miscellaneous changes to laws relating to the Federal Aid Highway, Mass Transit, and Highway Safety Programs"; and he participated in a panel on China earthquake relief. Nothing about D-Day.

There's nothing about D-Day on June 6, 2007, or June 6, 2006, or June 6, 2005. (Bush did celebrate Black Music Month at the White House on June 6, 2005; good thing Obama didn't try that.) 2003? Nothing. 2002? Nothing. (We did get an "Executive Order Amendment to Executive Order 13180, Air Traffic Performance-Based Organization," on June 6, 2002, but nothing about D-Day.)

Sorry, wingers. Once again, there's no scandal here.


Victor said...

We Conservatives want to know who this George W. Bush is that you speak of?

We've never heard of him!

Is he in any way related to that tax-raising, anti-Reagan, George H.W. Bush - that RINO?

And if he is, we certainly don't want to hear anything at all about him!

hrothgleas said...

President Bush DID commemorate D-Day in 2002:

Liar, liar!

Gemini4 said...

That was a Memorial Day commemoration, NOT D-Day.

Chris Holte said...


Ted Samson said...

The video you're linking to is actually from 2009. I don't know why the URL says it's 2012.

But whatever the case, this is fantastic example of Obama's detractors making much ado about nothing. It doesn't look as though the president really did do much to honor D-Day this year - but neither did Romney. (

I'd like to think there are more important issues in this election than this.

Unknown said...

Look at the html number 20020527-1 means may 27 2002.