Monday, June 11, 2012


Public Policy Polling reports that Democrat Ron Barber has a double-digit lead over Republican Jesse Kelly in the race to succeed Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. PPP also notes that Giffords has a 67% favorable rating in the district.

So who doesn't like Gabby Giffords in her district?

Yup -- 67% of "very conservative" voters in Gabby Giffords's district view her unfavorably.

Y'know, I might have a hard time admitting that to a pollster -- even one of PPP's robo-pollsters. But then again, I'm not "very conservative."


Unknown said...

Article and Video: Jesse Kelly Says Health Care Is A “Privilege You Earn”

Article: Jesse Kelly Would Privatize Social Security

Article AND Video: Jesse Kelly trying to hide endorsement by extremist racist group?? All about ALIPAC

Article: "Corporate Personhood" Citizens United Endorses Jesse Kelly in Special Election

Article: Jesse Kelly, Arizona Congressional Candidate, Claimed Not To Know Where Stimulus Funds Went

Article: Jesse Kelly Trying To Walk Back His Call to Eliminate the Minimum Wage

Article: CD8 candidate Jesse Kelly’s economic platform similar to Communist nations

Article: CD8 Republican Jesse Kelly Calls For New National Sales Tax

Article: Giffords Opponent, Jesse Kelly, Held June Event to “Shoot a Fully Automatic M16 to “Get on Target” and “Remove Gabrielle Giffords” and

Article: PAC Behind GOP Candidate For Gabby Giffords Seat Shows Gun In Email Appeal

Article: More Jesse Kelly Lies About Medicare

Article and Video: Jesse Kelly: "Oil Is A Renewable Resource"

Article: Jesse Kelly Supported by Groups Tied to White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, in 2010 AND 2012

Letter: Tucson Tea Party Co-Founder: 13 Questions for Jesse Kelly that must be answered before you vote

Article: Jesse Kelly's firm benefited from stimulus he criticized

Video: Jesse Kelly's ENTIRE platform

Simply put, Jesse Kelly has neither the brains, credibility or honesty for public office, the will for fighting or the compassion to represent the people of southern Arizona either CD8 OR CD2.

: smintheus :: said...

I don't know Steve. I had a negative opinion of Reagan both before and after he was shot.

Victor said...

And this is a surprise, how exactly?

If Jesus Christ himself came down today, and said the same things he allegedly said over 2,000 years ago, they'd vote to re-crucify the schmuk.

BH said...

Me too, smintheus. Same with Geo Wallace.

Never Ben Better said...

I daresay some of those "very conservative" respondents figure Gabby simply got what she had coming to her.

"Second Amendment remedies" and all that, ya know.

BH said...

That may be the diff between me & some of these "very conservative" respondents. As to Reagan & Wallace, I didn't want them shot, nor did I think they "deserved" it - I just had the same opinion of them before and after.

Ten Bears said...

EYaw, Ben, as i recall they wee actually gleeful 'ore her assault.