Thursday, June 21, 2012


A recent poll seems to have slipped under the radar except in academic circles, or maybe I just missed it:
A few months ago, the Tobin Project sponsored a YouGov poll to be put in the field on American attitudes towards foreign policy and national security. Dartmoth political science Benjamin Valentino conducted the poll....

You can look at all of the topline results here, with party-line breakdowns to the responses....
There's a lot in this poll that might be of interest to you, depending on your interests, but (via Jim Lobe) I'd just like you to know that 63% of Republicans still think Iraq had WMDs in 2003 (click to enlarge):

And (as noted by Daniel Drezner) that birth-certificate thing is still an open question in the GOP, with more than 63% of Republicans now believing Obama is foreign-born, and nearly 15% of the rest saying they don't know (click to enlarge):

Yes, 8% of Republicans used to think Obama was eligible to be president by birth, but now think he wasn't, in addition to the more than 55% who say they never thought he was eligible by birth.

Dear Beltway elite: both sides do not do it. Republicans are crazy.

(Via Juan Cole and Reza Marashi on Twitter.)

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Victor said...

Ah, Steve, you forgot, in 1972,
it was discovered that McGovern's first running mate, Thomas Eagleton, had received electroshock therapy for clinical depression during the 1960s.


And we don't see any modern R's going in for electroshock treatment, now do we?

So, the Democrats are WORSE!!