Tuesday, June 05, 2012



tonycpsu said...

Also, too, Barrett was a really bad candidate. I don't know that Falk or anyone else on the Dem bench would have been able to overcome the $35 million or whatever of Kochsucker money, but if you're going to beat that money, you need to do better than a guy who sparred against unions as Milwaukee mayor in a recall that was driven by union support.

Victor said...

So, the ratf*cking Governor, backed by ratf*cking billionaires and other top .01%er’s, from across the nation, and their ratf*cking Super PAC money, wins the recall election to ratf*ck the state AGAIN!

I read that Walkers side outspent ours by 7 to 1 (according to CNN, among others).
Needless to say, this does NOT bode well for democracy

It’s also a message, during very tough economic times, that what the Conservatives wanted after the mass movements in support of fellow black citizens and women in the 60′s and early 70′s, and the one against the war in Vietnam, was to tear the middle class apart, so that people no longer had the financial security to look out for others, but instead, end up in dire enough states that they only worried about ‘themselves and theirs,’ has worked.
This election may have been less about Walker, and more about public sector union workers, and the jealousy about their (semi, now no longer so) secure jobs, salaries, and benefits.
“How come they have that and I can’t?!?!”
And, instead of trying to organized to get the same by organizing, they want to tear that away from those who have them – to take them down a few notches, down to where the rest of us, insecure in our jobs and daily lives, are.

All I can say is, ‘Well, congratulations WI, you made your bed – now, be prepared to be suffocated in it.’

Victor said...

Also too - If Mitt loses, Walker may very well be the frontrunner for the 2016 election.

And if Mitt wins, look for Super PAC Scottie to be the favorite in 2020.

After all, he was a victim of us nefarious, sinister, Liberals. AND HE STILL WON!!!

Thus, are true Wingnut Legends born.

Victor said...

Also three - By saying what I said above, I didn’t mean to put down the people who worked so hard to recall Walker over the past 16 months - and especially not those who were working hard on the phones and on the streets the past few weeks and months.

Take pride in the fact that you did your best - and that’s ALL you CAN do.

Thank you for all of your hard, hard, work!

BH said...

I'm just wondering here: tactically, does anyone think it might have been wiser (at least in terms of beating Walker) to have opted against a recall in favor of building a campaign, and letting D candidates emerge & get sorted out over more time, for the next regular election? I don't have an opinion myself - for one reason, because I'm not in Wisconsin.

BH said...

It may be possible to find hope in this aspect of the Wisc election, assuming it's accurate. According to an AP story of today, in exit polling 9/10 Wisc voters said they had decided their votes by/before May - which might imply that all the big ad buys since then really didn't matter that much to the outcome. Beats me how true it is; for one thing, I could see a voter saying such a thing in exit polling (for the sake of a self-image as someone unswayed by ads)when it really wasn't so.

Victor said...

Remember, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC didn't join in the fracas until a few weeks ago.

And the Kochsucking billionaires started advertizing much, much earlier.

Sure, maybe the spending evened out after mid-May, but overall, I've heard that the D's were outspent anywhere from 6 to 1, to 8 to 1.
I'd bet most of that was before May 1st - to set the propaganda foundation.

Uncle Mike said...

Victor, I've read it was about $30mil Repub money spent versus about $4 mil Dem money spent.